About the SUT

The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) is a multidisciplinary learned society that brings together organisations and individuals with a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering.

SUT was founded in 1966 and has members from more than 40 countries, including engineers, scientists, other professionals and students working in these areas.

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Please click here for the Articles of Association of the Society for Underwater Technology, amended June 2015.

Click here to see the latest Annual Report of the Society for Underwater Technology (2016-17) and click here to see the Society’s audited accounts for the year ending June 2017.


The SUT was founded to promote the further understanding of the underwater environment and to encourage:

  • cross–fertilisation and dissemination of ideas, experience and information between workers in academic research, applied research and technology, industry and government
  • development of techniques and tools to explore, study and exploit the oceans
  • proper economic and sociological usage of resources in and beneath the oceans
  • further education of scientists and technologists to maintain high standards in marine science and technology.



The SUT considers all aspects of technology applied to:

  • diving and manned submersibles
  • environmental forces
  • marine policy
  • marine renewable energies
  • ocean resources
  • offshore site investigation and geotechnics
  • salvage and decommissioning
  • subsea engineering and operations
  • underwater robotics
  • underwater science
  • underwater vehicles

For more information on the SUT’s interest areas, please visit the Special Interest Groups section of this website.


Jane Hinton

Membership & Finance Officer
Email Jane

Jane’s role as Membership & Finance Officer covers all matters relating to membership including the upkeep of the main SUT database, collecting subscriptions, welcoming new members and distributing email notices of meetings and other events. She is also responsible for the day-to-day financial matters of the Society including bookkeeping and credit control.

Emily Boddy

Publications Officer
Email Emily

Emily’s main roles as publications officer are the production of the SUT Yearbook and Annual Report. She also produces any additional publications and proceedings required by the Society as well as adverts and other marketing material. The other main part of the role is to maintain and edit the SUT website. She is also the clerk for most committee meetings.

Cheryl Ince

Administrative Secretary
Email Cheryl

Cheryl’s main roles are administration, archiving, assisting with conferences, courses and evening meetings. She is also in charge of administering the SUT Educational Support Fund (ESF). She is in contact with the students throughout their ESF sponsorship year(s) and monitors their progress. She is the first port of call for most SUT queries.

Steve Hall

Chief Executive
Email Steve

Steve Hall joined SUT as Chief Executive in April 2017 bringing over 25 years experience in the field of global marine science, technology and policy including serving as vice-chair of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, heading the UK National Oceanography Centre's International & Strategic Partnerships Office and a variety of other roles. Steve has been a long-serving Member & Fellow of SUT, chairing the education & training committee and serving on Council.

Emma Young

Administration & Events Assistant
Email Emma

Emma assists with the day-to-day running of the office in Aberdeen, and supports the organisation of events throughout the UK.

Jacqui Adams

UK Events Manager
Email Jacqui

Jacqui is based in Aberdeen and manages events throughout the UK including seminars, training courses, conferences, dinners and exhibitions. Working with the branches in Aberdeen, London & South East & North of England and also supporting new events in the South West. She also manages the day-to-day running of the office in Aberdeen.

Jennifer Maninin

Perth Branch Manager
Email Jennifer

Jen has extensive experience in event management. She started as Events Manager in March 2013, and in March 2014 became the Perth Branch & Events Manager. Organising the busy events schedule is Jen’s main focus, however she’s also heavily involved with SUT branch and sub-committee meetings, Australian branch guidance, report/procedure/policy writing, industry networking, recruitment, training and anything else the Perth Branch Committee require assistance with. She works closely with the staff and Perth Branch SUT Committee.

Corelle Charles

Events Assistant Perth
Email Corelle

Corelle began with SUT back in September 2010 as Events Assistant. Her main roles are to send out the event flyers to the Perth members and contacts, register attendees for the events and send them all the relevant event information.

Fiona Allan

Perth Branch/Finance/Membership Administrator
Email Fiona

Fiona is the Administrator for the Perth Branch and is responsible for everyday financial matters as well as Student / Individual and Corporate Memberships. Fiona is also involved with SUT Committee Meetings and the Scholarships process.

Marketa Mesman

Events Assistant
Email Marketa

Marketa has over 10 years of experience in event management. After taking two years of maternity leave, Marketa has joined the SUT as an Events Assistant. Her main role is to provide event and administrative support to the team as required, with a strong focus on registrations, presenters and sponsors requirements.