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Fifth Underwater Science Symposium

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Collected papers

Ringbound, 2001
108 pp, 12 figures and tables
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  • Aerial Remote Sensing Using the CASI Imager and Lidar Laser Altimeter
  • Fluorescence Imaging of the Sea Floor
  • Advances in High Resolution Optical Imaging Underwater
  • An Optical Toolkit for Underwater Survey
  • Underwater Video Mosaicing for Rapid Seabed Mapping
  • Oceanographic Visualisation for the Military Commander
  • Remote Sampling Devices to Collect Geophysical Data to Assess the Impact of Marine Mining on the Environment
  • Machine Vision Techniques for Laser Stripe Imaging in Turbid Water
  • The Application of Holography for In Situ Recording of Marine Organisms and Particles, and the Development of a Subsea Holographic Camera
  • Visualising the Ocean from Space
  • Using Seabed Visualisations from Acoustic Systems to Support the Monitoring and Management of Marine Protected Areas
  • Looking Underwater to Visualise the Past
  • A Comparison of Underwater Mapping of Biogenic Features Using Diver and ROV Observations
  • Time–Lapse Photography in the Deep Sea
  • Fundamental Considerations for Underwater Video to Increase the Information Content of Image Captured for Marine Habitat Assessment
  • ADELIE: a New Tool for Visualising Diving and Remote Diving Data
  • Visualising Deep Sea Animals Using Subsea Lander Technology
  • Remote Sensing at D. Joao De Castro Bank: A Tool for Biology and Conservation Studies
  • Assessment of the Performance of the Roxann™ Acoustic Ground Discrimination System
  • Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve, Dorset–Virtual Seabed Project; Shooting in the Dark–a Brief History of Underwater Photography
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