Though the SUT is a global society the branches are run and operated locally.
The SUT Perth Branch Committee is made up of volunteers from industry along with our small but dedicated team of staff members.On top of the main Committee we have several sub-committees* and Special Interest Groups (SIG) which have a separate group of volunteers looking after the interests of each sub-committee/SIG.Volunteers are selected by nomination/ballot process, for details on each please select the committee group:

*SUT Perth Branch Sub-committees – you don’t have to be a Committee member to be involved in a SUT sub-committee. With such an active branch, the sub-committees come together to discuss and action the details of particular initiatives and events before reporting back to the SUT Perth Branch Committee. These include but aren’t limited to: Advertising; Annual Dinner; AUT Conference; Branch Support; AOG; Engagement; Evening Technical Meetings (and AGM); Golf Day; Membership; Mentoring;  Scholarship; Subsea Controls Down Under; Subsea Engineering Competency Framework Project. To note your interest in a sub-committee contact Patricia Slapp.
Elections for the SUT Committee are held annually, we are currently seeking individuals for the next election, applications close 8th October 2020. Click here for the nomination form.
For further information of the Committee set up click here.
For further details of Sub committees click here.

Rex Hubbard

Vice Chairman
Mark Casey

Hema Wadhwa

Nick McNaughton

Committee Members

Mark Casey
Allan Devlin
Steve Duffield
Paul Farquharson
Stuart Higgins
Leanne Geneve
Phil Griffin
Rex Hubbard
Nick McNaughton
Matthew Moore
Bukkie Orugun
Brett Phillips
James Shorthouse
Ben Stangoni
Pieter Swart
Hema Wadhwa