The National Engineering Register (NER)

Competency Standard for Subsea Engineering (National Engineering Registration) 

  • Initiative: by SUT (Perth Branch) in conjunction with industry
  • Intent: Subsea Engineering recognised as a Special Area of Practice for the National Engineering Register (NER)
  • Target: available by end of 2018
  • Benefits: career planning, recognition as a competent subsea engineer
  • Interested in contributing?: contact

Subsea Engineering Registration

Our objectives:

  • clearly identify the elements of competence, what they mean in practice and indicators of attainment required to be assessed as competent
  • identify the roles and responsibilities the subsea engineer will be competent  to undertake
  • provide clear assessment criteria
  • have a consistent format to the competency profiles
  • have a consistent approach to describing competencies that reflects best industry practice

Forward plan for 2018:

  • an external expert review group will be established to review and critique the competency framework
  • roll-out of the Subsea Engineering competency framework will be conducted by Engineers Australia (EA).
  • establishment of Subsea Engineering assessors to assist the applicant assessment process with a nominated EA Lead Assessor
  • post implementation the Subsea Engineering Registration Sub-committee will provide ongoing oversight of the Subsea Engineering Competency Framework and update the requirements to reflect changes in practices and any other areas deemed appropriate.

Ian Wilson

Committee Members

Nick Bardsley
Nick Brown
Mark Casey
Afton Galbraith
Rex Hubbard
Matt Moore
Chris Merrick
Norman O'Rourke