Overview of the Subsea Engineering Competency Programme:

  • Initiative: by SUT (Perth Branch) in conjunction with industry
  • Intent: Subsea Engineering recognised as an Area of Practice by Engineers Australia (EA) and the basis for assessment as a Chartered Professional Subsea Engineer as well as inclusion on the National Engineering Register (NER)
  • Benefits: a career planning tool and personal recognition as a competent subsea engineer

Our objectives:

  • Clearly identify the elements of competence, what they mean in practice and indicators of attainment required to be assessed as competent
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities the subsea engineer will be competent to undertake
  • Provide clear assessment criteria
  • Have a consistent format to the competency profiles
  • Have a consistent approach to describing competencies that reflects best industry practice

Forward plan:

  • Roll-out of Subsea Engineering in the National Engineering Register (NER) will be conducted by Engineers Australia (EA).
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (Subsea Engineering) accreditation will be provided by EA with SUT providing the criteria and supporting the assessment.
  • Establishment of Chartered Technologist (Subsea Engineering) and Chartered Associate (Subsea Engineering) will be developed subject to demand from individuals and industry.
  • Post implementation the SUT (Perth Branch) Subsea Engineering Registration Sub-committee will provide ongoing oversight of the Subsea Engineering Competency Framework and update the requirements to reflect changes in practices and any other areas deemed appropriate.

The SUT would like to acknowledge the following individuals and companies for all of their efforts:

CURRENT Sub-committee Member
(see right)

PAST Sub-committee Members
Nick Bardsley, Nick Brown, Afton Galbraith, Terry Griffiths, Julie Morgan, Ewan Rowell, Chris Saunders

Peer Reviewers
Guillaume Allegret, Peter Baker, Sotiri Battalis, Paul Breen, Peter Clarke, Moya Crawford, David Cree, Brendon Fitzgerald, Nino Fogliani, Stuart Folkard, Keith Fraser, Roland Fricke, Brian Guest, Paul Johnstone, Andy Lane, Sylvain Lyonnet, Harry MacKay, Jason McConochie, Kevin Mullen, Peter Rash, Bryson Riddler, Phil Robertson, Ewan Rowell, James Shorthouse, Harvey Smith, Stuart Wales, Brian Wardlaw, Saul Wende, Mark Williams, Karl Woods

Rob Ash, Dave Barker, Eduardo Barros, Steve Buchan, Chris Carra, Bobby Chopra, Phil Daglish, Scott Drapper, Fiona Chow, Sarah Elkhatib, Afton Galbraith, Murdo Gillies, John Grapiglia, Terry Griffiths, Brian Guest, Rex Hubbard, Linden Jones, Dave Jordan, David King, Matt Lancien, Andrew Mahaffy, Malcolm McLeod, Chris Merrick, Ian Milne, Julie Morgan, Tony Owen, Norman O'Rourke, Peter Page, Bill Russell-Cargill, Allison Selman, Chris Selman, Margot St Quintin, Liz Tellier, Ian Wilson, Adriano Zamaloy

SUT Assessors to be accredited by EA for the Subsea Engineering AoP
Mark Casey, Afton Galbraith, Terry Griffiths, Rex Hubbard, Chris Merrick, Paul Mitchell, Julie Morgan, Norman O'Rouke, Gabrielle Pennock, Ewan Rowell, Chris Saunders, Ian Wilson

Supporting Organisations
Atteris, Santos/Quadrant, Subsea Engineering Associates, Woodside Energy

Committee Members

Mark Casey
Rex Hubbard
Chris Merrick
Matt Moore
Normal O'Rourke
Ian Wilson (Team Lead)