Professional Marine Registration

The SUT offers Marine Technologist Registration and Marine Science Registration. Click below to find out more and apply to the Register.


Marine Technology Registration

Registration (Chartered, Registered or Technician status, depending on your level) is a globally recognised professional credential.

The Marine Technologist Register is open to everyone who can demonstrate the required high-level knowledge, understanding, and professional competence. There are many routes that can be measured to meet this standard, including a combination of academic awards, vocational qualifications, and experiential learning through work. Competence includes the knowledge, understanding, and skills that underpin performance.

Marine Scientist Certifcation

coming soon…

Chartered Marine Scientists are professionals, who harness, exploit, manage, use or apply marine science in the pursuit of wealth creation and/or the provision of services in the marine sector. Chartered Marine Scientists are characterized by their ability to deal with complex issues, both systematically and creatively and can make sound judgments in the absence of complete data to develop solutions to problems and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Registered Marine Scientists are engaged in technical and commercial management and possess effective interpersonal skills.

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