Since April 2020 we have been holding free webinars, and online events and seminars to keep you connected to the world of underwater technology.

You can view these by clicking below or find even more SUT videos and online content on our YouTube page SUT Media.

15 July 2020 – ECOSIGG Evening Talk – Installation
Join the ECOSIGG – Early Career Offshore Site Investigation, Geosciences and Geotechnics group of the SUT for an evening of talks on the topic of Installation challenges for offshore foundations, cables, and pipelines.


13 July 2020 – The Russian Poseidon Nuclear AUV – Steve Hall
In a game-changing new technological development, the Russian Navy is developing a nuclear powered, and nuclear-armed, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) named ‘Poseidon’, NATO reporting name ‘Kanyon’. In this webinar, SUT CEO Steve Hall briefs viewers on what is known so far about Poseidon, such as specifications, purpose, detectability, countermeasures and in particular the legal & policy implications. After the presentation there’s a good Q&A session where participants discuss aspects of the vehicle – is it going to be the first of a whole family of systems? Will the West need to build their own as a countermeasure – or as a bargaining chip to negotiate them out of existence?

9 July 2020 – SUT+ LSE Kick-Start Your Career
If you’re new to the industry, just starting your career, a recent graduate, or a student, then this event is for you! The SUT+ is designed to help you kick start your network of contacts in the marine industry and explore the various activities that take place in this sector. This network focuses on the London and South East region of the UK, so if you live or work in that region, we’d love to welcome you to our community.

29 June 2020 – Remote Survey in the Offshore Sector – Zupt
Keith Vickery and Aidan Thirsk of Zupt, LLC. 6818 N Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston, TX 77064 presenting on Remote Metrology Services, and more general Remote Survey in the offshore sector.



26 June 2020 – SUT+ Webinar – Climate Change, Mitigation Strategies & Carbon Capture & Storage
Dr David Vega-Maza of the University of Valladolid, Spain, speaks about climate change, mitigation strategies and carbon capture and storage (CCS). He discusses how CCS can make an impact on North East Scotland and the energy transition agenda.
David Vega-Maza (PhD) is a senior distinguished research fellow ‘Beatriz Galindo’ at the University of Valladolid, Spain and an honorary academic at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

15 June 2020 – Offshore Site Investigation – Mick Cook
Expert Mick Cook speaking on Offshore Site Investigation technology progress.



1 June 2020 – Robots to the Rescue – Sue John
SUT Education Committee Chair Susan John presents a free public talk on the subject of how the new generation of marine autonomous vehicles – underwater robots or drones – are being used to help repair damaged ecosystems and plant coral in the Great Barrier Reef and other locations that need a helping hand – or electronic tentacle.


18 May 2020 – Climate Change and the Ocean – Prof Ralph Rayner





4 May 2020 – Mysteries of the Deep – Steve Hall
In this 50-minute seminar, SUT CEO Steve Hall tells the story of how post-WW2 advances in technology allowed the discovery & investigation of ships, submarines & aircraft lost at sea.



14 April 2020 – New Ocean Technologies – Steve Hall
SUT CEO Steve Hall presenting a summary of the new technologies becoming available for offshore exploration, survey, monitoring, and resource extraction as the world faces the challenges of energy transition, raw material availability, and food supply in the future.